Insulate Your Home And Keep Out Unwanted Noises

Insulate Your Home And Keep Out Unwanted Noises

Call Spray-Tech Insulation for sound mitigation services, also known as sound deadening throughout most of the state of Connecticut

During the insulation process, it's a good idea to consider sound deadening your walls at the same time. Spray-Tech Insulation gives you the ability to sound deaden your home, apartment, and office not only to help keep your sounds in but to help keep your neighbors' sounds out. We have the proper equipment to keep your home quieter for years to come.

If the walls are already up, then we dense pack material into the walls by drilling holes and fixing with special drywall patches.

To learn more about our sound mitigation in Connecticut, call us today at 860-621-3000.

Sound mitigation is great for offices, apartments, condos, industrial buildings. Ceilings and walls made quiet in a day!

If your office mates, neighbors ruining your day, then you’re going to want to consider sound deadening as an option to keep you feeling separated from the chaos on the other side of the wall. Spray-Tech Insulation is here to help your property to be quieter. From floor, walls and ceiling, we can help you sound deadening your space by:

  • Closing any holes or gaps in your doorways
  • Sealing gaps around windows
  • Weatherproofing your front and back doors
  • Assessing any other sound leaks and filling those holes

Spray-Tech Insulation offers sound proofing services throughout the state of Connecticut. We service all of Hartford, New Haven, and Middlesex Counties, and parts of Litchfield, Fairfield, Tolland, Windham, and New London Counties.