Why Choose Open-Cell Spray Foam?

Learn why you should choose open-cell spray foam insulation in Connecticut and surrounding areas

While Spray-Tech Insulation, LLC provides both closed-cell and open-cell spray foam insulation applications, you need to be informed about both to make the best decision for your property. Open-cell spray foam offers:

  • Controlled air
  • Sound absorption
  • Cavity and crevice sealing capabilities
  • Higher heat flow resistance levels (R-value) than traditional insulation methods
  • Lower cost compared to closed cell foam
Comparatively, it is less rigid and dense than closed-cell spray foam. And it is also a good choice then a vapor or retarder is not needed. However open cell foam works just as well as closed cell to prevent air leaks, seal cracks, and keep your indoor climate consistent. Open cell foam is also an excellent sound proofing material that offers high STC rating.

Call us today for more information about open-cell spray foam for your home or business in Connecticut and surrounding areas.

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